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How Alpha DAO Works.

Treasury Revenue

Educational Bond sales and LP (Liquidity Pair) Fees increase the treasury revenue and lock in liquidity to help control OX supply.

Treasury Growth

Treasury inflow is used to increase the treasury balance and back any outstanding OX tokens as well as regulate staking APY.

Staking Rewards

Compound yields automatically through a treasury basket of backed currencies with intrinsic value.


Liquidity Owned Governance

Sustainable Savings APY

Treasury inflow will always outperform saving rewards. Alpha is designed with long-term protocol health in mind. All OX minted for educational rewards are backed with a reserve of many stable coins from the Treasury and soon to be true gold backed stable coins.

Alpha Investment Protection

The more OX that is staked, the lower the APY, which will create a higher OX price. The protocol keeps balance as it owns the liquidity. This will protect your investment and keep the educational rewards consistent as the price of the token goes up or down.

Road Map

The path to free education.